Facility Callsign and Frequency Info


NOTE-Utilize THIS IMAGE as a quick reference for ZLC Sector stratums
  • ZLC admin have placed as many of the real world transceiver station locations and height into the AFV station as possible and have routed the use of these transceivers to certain callsigns for common combination operations leading all the way up to ZLC (CTR) Sector 33 eventually owning ALL stations.

  • The AFV Tree structor is a fairly complicated concept to learn how to use. The following is a list of example situations to help ease the learning curve:

    • If logging on as BOI_DEL to work only BOI_DEL, you would type BOI_DEL into AFV.

    • If you are logging in to congrol BOI_GND, you would type BOI_GND into AFV.

    • If you log on to control Boise (Big Sky) Approach and you are the only controller online, you type BOI_S_APP into AFV. This will allow you to inherit all of the transceivers for not only South Approach sectors but also the North Approach sectors, Tower, Ground, and Clearance Delivery controller. This is setup this way because the BOI_S_APP works Top-Down for these positions.

      • If BOI_N_APP comes online to help you out, that controller will now be responsible for the Northern App sector along with Boise Tower, Ground, and Clearance Delivery. In this situation you (as S_APP), are now only responsible for the Southern Approach sector but you are still making use of the transceivers from N_APP, TWR, GND, and DEL but only if the pilot tunes to your frequency.

    • Salt Lake Center Sector 03 (SLC_03_CTR) comes online. That controller will be able to use the transceiver stations for and will be, by default, responsible for the following positions: SLC_S_APP, SLC_B_APP, SLC_G_APP, OGD_TWR, OGD_GND, SLC_K_APP, SLC_F_APP, SLC_C_TWR, SLC_W_TWR, SLC_W_GND, SLC_DEL, SLC_E_TWR, SLC_E_GND, SLC_J_APP, PVU_TWR, and PVU_GND.

    • If Salt Lake Center Sector 04 (SLC_04_CTR) logs on, that controller will have access and be responsible for ONLY Sector 04, because there are no positions for 04 to inherit.

  • LIGHT BLUE Positions are considered preferred/primary combination points. The Controller In Charge (CIC) should direct ATC to staff a bold positions that would be the most beneficial before a non-bolded position. Example: SLC_S_APP should be staffed prior to opening SLC_K_APP or SLC_J_APP.

  • The following callsigns are to be used in AFV regardless of callsign logged into the network. Example: If you are relieving SLC_33_CTR, you are going to log into the network as SLC_3R_CTR but in AFV, you still need to input SLC_33_CTR.


  • SLC_33_CTR (Sector 33 Area C)
    • SLC_44_CTR
    • SLC_32_CTR
      • SLC_11_CTR
    • SLC_34_CTR
      • SLC_46_CTR
    • SLC_45_CTR
      • SLC_47_CTR
    • SLC_18_CTR (Sector 18 Area A / Combination 1)
      • SLC_07_CTR
        • SLC_08_CTR
          • IDA_TWR
            • IDA_GND
          • PIH_TWR
            • PIH_GND
        • SLC_14_CTR
      • SLC_06_CTR
        • BZN_APP
          • BZN_TWR
            • BZN_GND
      • SLC_20_CTR (Sector 20 Area A / Combination 2)
        • SLC_19_CTR
          • MSO_TWR
            • MSO_GND
          • HLN_APP
            • HLN_TWR
              • HLN_GND
          • GTF_APP
            • GTF_TWR
              • GTF_GND
          • GPI_TWR
            • GPI_GND
      • SLC_03_CTR (Sector 3 Area B / Combination 1)
        • SLC_S_APP
          • SLC_B_APP
            • SLC_G_APP
              • OGD_TWR
                • OGD_GND
          • SLC_K_APP
            • SLC_F_APP
            • SLC_C_TWR
              • SLC_W_TWR
                • SLC_W_GND
                  • SLC_DEL
              • SLC_E_TWR
                • SLC_E_GND
          • SLC_J_APP
            • PVU_TWR
              • PVU_GND
        • SLC_04_CTR
        • SLC_05_CTR
          • SLC_15_CTR (Sector 15 Area B / Combination 2)
            • BIL_W_APP
              • BIL_E_APP
                • BIL_TWR
                  • BIL_GND
            • SLC_16_CTR
              • JAC_TWR
                • JAC_GND
            • SLC_39_CTR
              • SLC_17_CTR
    • SLC_40_CTR (Sector 40 Area D)
      • SLC_41_CTR
        • SLC_30_CTR
          • BOI_S_APP
            • BOI_N_APP
              • BOI_TWR
                • BOI_GND
                  • BOI_DEL
        • SLC_31_CTR
          • TWF_APP
            • TWF_TWR
              • TWF_GND
                • TWF_DEL
          • SUN_TWR
            • SUN_GND
      • SLC_42_CTR
        • SLC_43_CTR



  • There are times when the relief callsign matches another sectors relief callsign. These times will be extremely rare. In these cases, consult with the Controller-In-Charge (CIC) to determine the best course of action.

ARTCC (Center)

Relief CallsignRadio NameSector TitleFrequency
SLC_03_CTRSLC_3R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU03119.95
SLC_04_CTRSLC_4R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU04135.77
SLC_05_CTRSLC_5R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU05124.35
SLC_06_CTRSLC_6R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU06132.4
SLC_07_CTRSLC_7R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU07127.7
SLC_08_CTRSLC_8R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU08128.35
SLC_11_CTRSLC_1R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU11127.82
SLC_14_CTRSLC_4R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU14133.8
SLC_15_CTRSLC_5R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU15127.75
SLC_16_CTRSLC_6R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU16133.25
SLC_17_CTRSLC_7R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU17126.85
SLC_18_CTRSLC_8R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU18125.92
SLC_19_CTRSLC_9R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU19133.4
SLC_20_CTRSLC_0R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU20119.75
SLC_30_CTRSLC_0R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU30128.05
SLC_31_CTRSLC_1R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU31118.05
SLC_32_CTRSLC_2R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU32133.9
SLC_33_CTRSLC_3R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU33120.27
SLC_34_CTRSLC_4R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU34127.92
SLC_39_CTRSLC_9R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU39132.42
SLC_40_CTRSLC_0R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU40128.55
SLC_41_CTRSLC_1R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU41121.15
SLC_42_CTRSLC_2R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU42128.72
SLC_43_CTRSLC_3R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU43132.25
SLC_44_CTRSLC_4R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU44125.57
SLC_45_CTRSLC_5R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU45134.52
SLC_46_CTRSLC_6R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU46133.6
SLC_47_CTRSLC_7R_CTRSalt Lake City CenterU47133.45

TRACON (Approach)

Relief CallsignRadio NameSector TitleFrequency
SLC_B_APPSLC_BR_APPSalt Lake City ApproachBear124.900
SLC_G_APPSLC_GR_APPSalt Lake City ApproachGunnison126.250
SLC_J_APPSLC_JR_APPSalt Lake City ApproachJordan128.600
SLC_K_APPSLC_KR_APPSalt Lake City ApproachLake135.500
SLC_S_APPSLC_SR_APPSalt Lake City ApproachStockton128.100
SLC_F_APPSLC_FR_APPSalt Lake City ApproachFinal125.700
BOI_N_APPBOI_NR_APPBig Sky ApproachNorth126.900
BOI_S_APPBOI_SR_APPBig Sky ApproachSouth119.600
BZN_APPBZN_R_APPBig Sky Approach 119.550
BIL_E_APPBIL_ER_APPBillings ApproachEast119.200
BIL_W_APPBIL_WR_APPBillings ApproachWest120.500
GTF_APPGTF_R_APPGreat Falls Approach 128.600
HLN_APPHLN_R_APPHelena Approach 119.500
TWF_APPTWF_R_APPTwins Falls Approach 126.700

ATCT (Local)


Relief CallsignRadio NameSector TitleFrequency
SLC_W_TWRSLC_WR_TWRSalt Lake City TowerWest132.650
SLC_C_TWRSLC_CR_TWRSalt Lake City TowerCenter119.050
SLC_E_TWRSLC_ER_TWRSalt Lake City TowerEast118.300
BOI_TWRBOI_R_TWRBoise Tower 118.100
BIL_TWRBIL_R_TWRBillings Tower 127.200
BZN_TWRBZN_R_TWRBozeman Tower 118.200
MSO_TWRMSO_R_TWRMissoula Tower 118.400
GTF_TWRGTF_R_TWRGreat Falls Tower 118.700
HLN_TWRHLN_R_TWRHelena Tower 118.300
TWF_TWRTWF_R_TWRTwin Falls Tower 118.200
PVU_TWRPVU_R_TWRProvo Tower 125.300
OGD_TWROGD_R_TWROgden Tower 118.700
GPI_TWRGPI_R_TWRGlacier Tower 124.55
SUN_TWRSUN_R_TWRHailey Tower 125.600
IDA_TWRIDA_R_TWRIdaho Falls Tower 118.500
JAC_TWRJAC_R_TWRJackson Tower 118.750
PIH_TWRPIH_R_TWRPocatello Tower 119.100


Relief CallsignRadio NameSector TitleFrequency
SLC_E_GNDSLC_ER_GNDSalt Lake City GroundEast121.900
SLC_W_GNDSLC_WR_GNDSalt Lake City GroundWest123.770
BOI_GNDBOI_R_GNDBoise Ground 121.700
OGD_GNDOGD_R_GNDOgden Ground 121.700
PVU_GNDPVU_R_GNDProvo Ground 119.400
MSO_GNDMSO_R_GNDMissoula Ground 121.900
GTF_GNDGTF_R_GNDGreat Falls Ground 121.700
BIL_GNDBIL_R_GNDBillings Ground 121.900
TWF_GNDTWF_R_GNDTwin Falls Ground 121.700
BZN_GNDBZN_R_GNDBozeman Ground 121.800
GPI_GNDGPI_R_GNDGlacier Park Ground 121.600
SUN_GNDSUN_R_GNDHailey Ground 121.700
HLN_GNDHLN_R_GNDHelena Ground 121.900
IDA_GNDIDA_R_GNDIdaho Falls Ground 121.700
JAC_GNDJAC_R_GNDJackson Ground 124.550
PIH_GNDPIH_R_GNDPocatello Ground 121.900

Clearance Delivery

Relief CallsignRadio NameFrequency
SLC_DELSLC_R_DELSalt Lake City Clearance 127.300
BOI_DELBOI_R_DELBoise Clearance 125.900
TWF_DELTWF_R_DELTwin Falls Clearance 123.650